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Best Vending Machine Ideas For 2024

Discover innovative and creative vending machine ideas for your business. From healthy snacks to unique products, find the perfect fit for your needs!


When you’re starting a vending machine business, the options are nearly endless! One of the reasons opening a vending machine is so appealing is that you can really break into any industry.

Despite what most people think, vending machines aren’t all about candies, soda, and snacks. They can offer hot meals, coffee and tea, toys, cosmetics, household goods, and so much more. Depending on your budget, market, and what type of vending machine business you want to run, there are vending machine business ideas out there for you to explore.

Read on to discover 70 of the best vending machine business ideas and how you can get started with them. Whether you’re looking to expand or thinking about buying your first machine or a vending route, this is the ultimate guide to best vending machine business ideas to help you find your niche.

Top Vending Machine Business Ideas Based on Vending Types

1. Soda Vending Machine

soda vending machine

Nothing’s more classic than soda vending machines. Whether you want your vending machine business to sell popular drinks, bottles, cans, or both, you can help people make their meals better or cool down on a hot day with some ice-cold sodas. If you want to boost revenue and a profitable vending machine business, you can even think about selling exclusive drinks that are hard to find elsewhere, like Mexican or Japanese sodas or even champagne.

These types of vending machines can find success just about anywhere; they’re great to install in outdoor venues, events, schools, offices, car dealerships, parks, and so much more. 

2. Candy Vending Machine

Candy is always enticing to passersby, whether they’re looking for a classic sweet treat or something new to try. That's why they make a perfect vending machine business. Candy bars are some of the top selling vending machine items; they're also widely accessible and easy to buy in bulk. Think: Snickers bars, Twix, Crunch chocolate bars, Milky Ways, and the like.

You can also combine chocolate offerings with other sweets, like jellybeans, gummies, and hard candies.

3. Snack Vending Machine Business

Snacks — who doesn’t love them? You can offer healthy snacks at a gym, school, office, hospital, or anywhere else people dine. Just about anywhere is a good place to vend snacks.  It makes a great vending machine business idea since you're able to sell to passengers in airports and train stations, patients in waiting rooms, students on a college campus, faculty in a teacher’s lounge, customers at car dealerships, and more.

You might also find that some niche locations are good for selling special snacks and thus boosting your stationery vending machine business.

Think about offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free snacks at a farmer’s market or organic grocery store, or vending foreign snacks in an Asian marketplace or Mexican restaurant. It can be more costly to acquire snacks from abroad, but if you get a good supplier, you can rake in even more money by charging slightly higher prices for the products people can’t easily find somewhere else. 

4. Sandwich Vending Machine

Vending sandwiches on college campuses, in offices, train stations and other transient spaces are a great way to generate a steady cash flow for your vending machine business. You can sell hot or cold sandwiches, and even look for vending machines that offer various sauces and side dishes (like a bag of chips and a drink) to increase the average purchase amount.

This video showcases a sandwich vending machine business in Japan that prepares fresh katsu (a breaded meat cutlet) on demand.

5. Drinks Vending Machine

Instead of exclusively selling sodas, you can expand your vending machine business options to include a variety of cold drinks like teas, iced coffees, cold brew, Gatorade, juices, and even kombucha. Not everyone wants a Coca-Cola! And have you ever looked around for a bottle of water, only to be struck by how few places sell them?

Before you kick off with this vending machine business idea think about your target market and what types of beverages they’d love to be able to grab on the go. 

Offices and co-working spaces are great places to install diverse vending machines that cater to a wide audience. The more types of drinks you’re able to sell, the more money you can make.

6. Hot Coffee Machine

coffee vending machine

They’re expensive (a cheap one will cost several thousand to start) but coffee vending machine business is highly profitable for vending machine business. Because they can make everything from a classic Americano to a flavored latte in a matter of minutes, coffee vending machine business is great to place in schools, offices, hospitals, and places where people tend to often wait for extended periods of time.

7. Burger Vending Machine

People will love being able to grab a hot, juicy cheeseburger to go! These types of vending machines aren’t as popular in the states, but you can find them (and many other types of food vending machines!) throughout Japan, China, and South Korea.

Boardwalks, hotels, and convenience stores make great places to set up a vending machine business that grills patties to perfection and tops them off with a steaming sesame seed bun and someone’s condiments of choice.

You might also decide to install one of these in an office space that doesn’t have a lot of food options nearby. When lunch break rolls around, people will be far more likely to opt for your on-demand burgers than spend their hour commuting to and from a restaurant. 

For more info, check out for vending machine business inspiration.

8. Pizza Vending Machine Business

The burger’s only true competitor, pizza is a timeless food that’s loved worldwide. You can serve up a piping pie in minutes that's a personal pan or made to share with your own pizza vending machine.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Vending machine pizza” doesn’t sound like one of the best vending machine business ideas, does it? Some people may be enticed by the appetizing quality while others are wary of the quality. That’s why you need to invest in a great quality vending machines that are irresistible to the inquiring eye. 

Good locations for this profitable vending machine business include events, boardwalks, office spaces, bus and train stations, beaches, and near bars and nightclubs.

9. Ice Cream Machine

a hand holding an ice cream

Yes, the most popular type of ice vending machine business. You won’t be limited to just chocolate and vanilla cups or cones with your own ice cream vending machines, though those options can sell pretty well themselves! Modern ice cream vending machines can distribute anything from sundaes to frozen bars. They make a complete and versatile ice vending machine business.

10. Ramen Vending Machine

It might seem hard to imagine getting a steaming bowl of ramen made ready-to-order from vending machines, but it’s possible! This machine is bound to be a hit in busy locations where people are often faced with either more snack food or another pre-made sandwich in a box. You can install it in offices, on campuses, or near parks where people may want to interact with a vending machine business, sit back, and enjoy a warm bowl of ramen outdoors.

You could also place this near nightclubs, bars, and areas that tend to have a lot of hungry people looking for something good to eat when most restaurants are closed.

This 24-hour automated ramen vending machine in South Korea includes access to unlimited, free toppings. There are many flavors to choose from, which helps the owner appeal to a variety of customers passing by.

11. Organic Snacks Machine

Organic snacks are usually vegetarian and vegan, and they offer a higher quality of food to consumers than traditional snacks like Doritos, Lays chips, and candy bars. You can get your hands on plenty of great organic brands that are small and looking to expand their reach.

Sourcing from local businesses is an even better idea. This not only supports the economy but helps both your vending machine business and the business owner make more money.

A lot of people are interested in eating organic food when it’s accessible and affordable. Organic produce is notoriously more expensive than non-organic, but there are loads of healthy snacks that exclusively use organic ingredients at an affordable rate. These are great to add to your profitable vending machine business and place inside schools, hospitals, and offices.

12. Smoothie Vending Machine

At gyms, in healthcare facilities, yoga and Pilates studios, and near parks, metro stops, and airports, a smoothie vending machine can be a smash hit. This form of a high-end drinks vending machine can even allow users to custom-make their own blends on demand.

You can also install one of these vending machines next to a healthy food machine, which could boost revenue by encouraging people to pair their drink with something tasty to eat.

13. Salad Vending Machine

a salad mix from a vending machine

A healthy salad to-go is a great addition to any school, office, metro or bus station, train station, and park. Gym goers and fitness enthusiasts, amusement park guests, and people attending conferences and seminars will also likely show a lot of interest in being able to buy a delicious salad from vending machines.

Farmer’s Fridge is a salad vending machine company that allows people to order delicious, healthy meals in just a matter of minutes. The produce is all packed into a reusable jar with optional dressing for diners to pour over their meal.

14. Orange Juice Vending Machine

Freshly squeezed orange juice is easy to enjoy with the right drinks vending machine. You might place one of these automatic juicing vending machines in a college, apartment building, in a mall, or train station. People will love the ability to choose a fresh-made drink over something pre-packaged, and you can’t beat the taste for the price, either.

15. Fresh Fries Machine Business

You’re craving fries, and like magic, happen to see vending machine business selling them. These aren’t those frozen, microwaved fries that always turn out soggy, either. Oh, no. These are freshly made fries that rival a restaurant kitchen.

It sounds like a dream, but it’s actually happening today thanks to vending machines like the Integra System. Customers place their orders, choose the optional salt or ketchup add-ons, and vending machines whip up a batch of made-to-order fries in just 35 seconds.

You can really benefit from placing these anywhere, whether it’s a college campus, park, apartment building, car dealership, mall, boardwalk, skate park, skating rink, you name it. 

16. Sushi Vending Machine

You’ll find no shortage of these in Japan, but the USA could benefit from its own. In cities like California and New York, sushi vending machine business would especially thrive thanks to these cities’ love for it. 

Professionals heading home from work on the metro or by bus would probably love to grab a sushi roll to-go. They could even order enough for their family and bring home dinner without having to stop by a restaurant. 

In airports and train stations, hungry passengers awaiting their departure can fill up on some sushi rolls instead of trying to satiate their hunger with the meager snack offerings at the overpriced convenience stores nearby. 

While they are pricier than many other vending machines, especially if you need to order yours from overseas, they’re well-worth the investment thanks to their wide-reaching appeal and unique value proposition.

17. Plant-based Beef Jerky Vending Machine

We know that meat lovers swear by their jerky, but the truth is, it’s not great for the body or environment. Instead, plant-based jerkie's are a great way to enjoy the chewy texture and bold flavors of jerky while minimizing its negative effects. 

A lot of people also haven’t heard of plant-based jerky, so the concept alone can encourage them to make a purchase when they walk by these vending machines. 

Another great way to boost income from this idea is to place these vending machines in health-oriented locations, like hospitals, healthcare offices and clinics, gyms, and fitness studios.

18. Water Vending Machine

A bunch of water bottles aligned for a vending machine

Thanks to its long shelf life and universal necessity, water is one of the best vending machine business ideas. A good location can help you earn passive income selling water without needing to do anything beyond restock and maintain the vending machine.

You can sell bottled water at gyms, offices, shopping malls, shopping plazas, healthcare facilities, schools, car dealerships, bus stops, train stations, and many more locations. Because it’s easy to acquire and markets itself, water is an especially good idea for new vending machine business owners.

19. Chips Vending Machine

Sun Chips, Pringles, Ruffles, Lays, and everything in between—sometimes, a bag of chips just hits the spot like nothing else can. If you’re interested in snack vending and what a food that always sells, you can’t go wrong with just chips for a vending machine business.

Stock a variety of options and multiple flavors to appeal to customers. Here’s a list of the top-selling potato chips in the United States to help you out.

20. Laundry Detergent Vending Machine

Imagine you’ve just hauled your weekly load of dirty clothes to the laundromat. You’ve packed everything into the washer, turned it to your preferred settings, and then you realize, with horror, that you forgot the detergent at home.

No one has left any empty bottles or pods lying around, so now what? Oh, thank goodness! There’s a vending machine business that sells travel-size detergents. Perfect for washing one load at a time!

It's one of those vending machine business ideas that can be particularly profitable in urban areas that get a lot of business from apartment dwellers who don’t have their own washers and dryers at home.

21. Cosmetics Vending Machine Business

Beauty products are always in demand, and sometimes, people forget theirs at home. Other times, they may notice an eye-catching display selling products they’ve never seen before and just have to try them out themselves.

You can sell beauty products like lipsticks and glosses, blushes, false eyelashes, eyeliners, mascaras, and lip balms in shopping plazas, malls, and in transitory spots like bus stops and train stations.

Many people will be grateful to see a cosmetic dispenser nearby when they realize they’ve forgotten one of their must-have products at home.

22. Collectible Toys Machine

A startwars collectible figure in the dark

Capsule vending machines, which sell miniature toys in small, plastic balls, are irresistible to people of all ages. This is especially true if you can acquire collectible figurines from popular series like Hello Kitty and Pokémon.

Inside retail stores, near parks, at bus stops, metro stops, and train stations, people will be intrigued by the sight of a toy vending machine and naturally want to entertain themselves by buying one and seeing what they get. It's what makes these one of the best vending machine business ideas.

The collectible factor is a big selling point here, too. Because it’s possible to build an entire collection, many customers will be tempted to make multiple purchases in hopes of completing their own. 

It’s also a good idea to place your toy vending machine business in areas where families pass by frequently. Kids will undoubtedly be captivated by the display, and the low cost will make it appealing to parents. It’s an inexpensive way to make their kids happy, so it’s really a win-win.

23. Pet Food Vending Machine

Stock tasty treats for cats and dogs, as well as some of the more popular pet food brands, so you can help owners keep their four-legged friends nourished. This vending machine business is great to place in dog parks, dog boarding businesses, doggy daycares, and vet offices.

24. Phone Accessories Vending Machine

Whether it’s a lightning cable, charging port, portable charger, headphones, or pop socket, you can be a lifesaver for people with a vending machine that has all the phone accessories they could ever need.

Let’s face it—life without a smartphone is pretty difficult these days. We rely on our phones to stay connected with friends and family, know what’s going on in the world, and even work remotely. 

In college bookstores and study halls, shopping malls, and train stations, this vending machine business can be highly profitable. 

25. Hair Care Products

We all need a good shampoo and conditioner, but they aren’t always easy to find when you need them the most. Long-haul travelers from a train, plane, or even a cruise may feel eternally grateful that you own a hair care vending machine and placed it exactly where they needed it.

Styling products, shower caps, shampoos, brushes and combs, and even hair dyes can be vended in vending machines in cities, boat ports with a lot of passengers, and near hotels. 

26. Artificial Nails Vending Machine

The artificial nails trend is huge right now, and people in malls and near salons would love to be able to grab a pack of press-and-go nails in vending machines. It’s a versatile niche that can cater to people from various age demographics. Professional adults could opt for simple designs in a clean finish; others may be interested in a bolder pattern that helps them express themselves.

You can set up this vending machine business on college campuses, in city centers, close to hotels, resorts, and even near nightclubs. You never know when someone might need a last-minute touch-up.

27. Claw and Crane Vending Machines

There are a ton of products you can vend while incorporating a game aspect into the product. Claw and crane vending machines allow customers to try and win an awesome prize that’s usually valued higher than the cost they paid to play.

A lot of these vending machines will put in some “big ticket” items that implore people to pay for multiple attempts. The trick is making it extremely difficult and rare for anyone to ever actually succeed in scoring the most expensive item in the vending machine.

That being said, you don’t have to go the teasing route to run a profitable vending machine. You can also simply stock a lot of plushies and collectibles that people will gladly pay to pick up.

Boardwalks, beaches, amusement parks, restaurants, and shopping malls are all good locations for these types of vending machines.

28. Baby Products Vending Machine

Need more outside-the-box vending machine business ideas? Well, technically speaking, it's still inside the box. The point remains though. Many parents on-the-go need baby food, diapers, teething rings, and pacifiers in a pinch. If you set up one of these vending machines near parks, playgrounds, malls, and shopping plazas, you can help many people take care of their infants and toddlers whenever they’re in need.

29. Baby Food Vending Machine Business

In addition to baby products, you can also exclusively offer baby food in vending machines. Think jars, oatmeal snacks, and the little fruit blend pouches that so many babies and toddlers love. Consider adding an option for parents to also purchase disposable bibs and wipes in vending machines to clean up faces and sticky fingers. 

Parks, hospitals, airports and train stations, and shopping malls are all great vending machine business ideas. 

30. Deodorant and Personal Hygiene Products Vending Machine

a personal hygiene cream opened at the surface

Hotel lobbies, airports, and train stations are some of the best spots to vend deodorant for men and women, as well as personal hygiene products such as wet wipes, razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes and toothpaste, dental floss, shower gel, soap, and the like.

Placing this vending machine business in metro stations and on college campuses can also yield a nice profit because it saves people a trip to the convenience store.

31. Feminine Hygiene Products Vending Machine

Anyone who menstruates knows that their cycle can start at the most inopportune moments. You could be in class, waiting for a plane, or even just out and about at the store when you realize you need a pad or tampon.

Luckily, this is one of those vending machine business ideas that fits in all sorts of locations. Really, anywhere that has a restroom can benefit from welcoming this vending machine business, whether it’s a high school or college, office building, public transit station, park bathroom, or grocery store. 

Night clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and airports are also great high-traffic locations to set up this vending machine business. 

In addition to menstruation products, you can also include feminine hygiene wipes, sprays, and even underwear in various sizes to help those in need freshen up.

32. Condoms Vending Machine Business

In adult-only locations, like bars and night clubs, you can make a mint vending condoms in bathrooms. It’s really one of the profitable vending machine business ideas that also helps prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. 

This type of vending machine business makes bucks because it requires no refrigeration. You can use a no-frills, compact machine or opt for one with an LED display. Either way, they’re an affordable type of vending machine business that can turn a consistent profit. 

33. Cigarettes and Tobacco Products Vending Machine

We don’t condone smoking, but for people who have the habit, you can sell cigarettes and tobacco on-demand. You’ll need to make sure that you have permission to do this and that the vending machine business is only accessible to legal adults. 

You can also consider a vape vending machine that offers vape pens, flavor pods, and parts on-demand. You will have to follow your state’s public health laws, so make sure you do your research. 

For example, an e-cigarette vending machine in California must be located inside a bar at least 15 feet from the main entrance.

Night clubs, bars, casinos, and resorts are all places where you’re likely to find success placing these cigarette vending machines.

34. CBD Products Vending Machine

Cannabidiol is the wildly popular alternative to marijuana that is legal in the United States. CBD products are one of the best vending machine business ideas. The marijuana vending machine includes everything from capsules to sprays, gummies, and bath bombs. You can set up a CBD aka marijuana vending machine business in an apartment complex (they’re especially popular in California), in spas, hotels, gyms, and anywhere people are likely to try the products. 

You could also try to set up your vending machine business in a dispensary if they are legally allowed to operate in your state. 

35. Soap Bar Vending Machine

four pieces of soap bards neatly packaged

You can sell custom soaps in vending machines that come in lovely packaging and make an excellent gift. Sometimes, people find themselves in need of a bar themselves. They could be traveling through an airport or train station, transferring lines on a metro, or on their way home and realize they forgot to grab soap at the store.

Hotels, resorts, amusement parks, and college campuses are also great places for a soap vending machine business. Consider altering your stock to reflect your market. You may benefit from even changing the scents and types based on where you place the vending machine.

For example, in a women’s restroom in a dormitory, you could opt for feminine scents and colors that are more likely to appeal to young women in their early to mid-20s. On the other hand, the men’s locker room at a gym would be better suited for soaps that are in masculine scents and clean, neutral colors.

If you’re able to partner with local soap makers and small shops, you also have the potential to support businesses in your area while getting a great deal on handmade products.

36. Hobby Vending Machine

You can only scroll through social media and tap mindlessly on a mobile game until your brain needs something more. That’s where a good hobby vending machine business swoops in to save the day. Help people fend off boredom during long waits and voyages by vending things like crossword puzzle books, sudoku books, and various types of books, magazines, and newspapers. 

You can also vend adult coloring books, colored pencils, pens, notebooks, and more than anything, stickers to give people an interesting way to pass the time.

Another great idea for a hobby-based vending machine are small block sets and puzzle kits people can take with them. They’re a good way to pass time on a train, plane, bus, or on a long road trip.

In addition to airports, boat ports, bus and train stations, you can also sell these products well near parks, on college campuses, in hospital waiting rooms and healthcare facilities. 

37. Car Accessories Vending Machine Business

People love their cars, and they especially love being able to spruce up their ride with the right products. At car dealerships, you can help new owners freshen their vehicle with a perfume or air freshener; you can also vend things like windshield covers, phone mounts, car phone chargers, and the like.

Consider placing this vending machine business in dealerships as well as auto repair shops, mechanic garages, and car washes.

38. Socks Vending Machine

They can be practical and versatile, and socks are something no one wants to go without. You can make money selling socks with a vending machine that offers them in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

In city centers, transit locations, and bowling alleys, is where these types of vending machine business ideas go a long way. You could also consider vending them at shoe stores when people want to try on new shoes but happen to be wearing sandals that day.

Sock vending machine business also works wonders in hotels and resorts, airports, train stations, shopping malls, amusement parks, and other areas that attract a lot of tourists. 

39. Greeting Cards Vending Machine

Whether it’s at the train or bus station, at the airport, or even the local grocery store, greeting cards on-demand can be lifesavers for someone who is headed toward an event and needs a last-minute card to complete their gift.

Greeting cards can also be useful in shopping malls and retail plazas as people are often there looking for gifts and realize they want a card to go with it. When they see your vending machines, they’ll be far more likely to make a purchase then and there rather than look for an actual store that sells cards.

It’s fast, convenient, and a great way to help people express their feelings to the people they care about.

40. Bus and Train Tickets

Not everyone orders their tickets online. A lot of people like to do it the old-fashioned way. But who wants to stand in long lines just to get a ticket? Make the journey easier for passengers by installing ticket vending machines in a bus or train station.

These locations are prime real estate for vending machine owners because they’re always packed. Someone will always need to go somewhere, and your vending machines can make that happen. It’s a great way to earn passive income without having to spend a lot of money on inventory or maintain an expensive vending machine.

Additional locations that do well with this type of vending machine business include supermarkets and convenience stores in touristy locations. People who are exploring the city will often enjoy being able to grab a metro ticket or bus ticket mid-adventure on a vending machine.

41. Grocery Vending Machine

In popular tourist destinations and college campuses, grocery vending machines can be a big success. You can sell easy-to-make meals like macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, soup, cereal, and grilled cheese sandwich supplies.

Another great idea is to choose groceries that people could use to cook meals in their hotel room, then place it near locations in vending machines where guests can easily access it. Rather than having to pay a delivery fee or find a supermarket, they can just order some groceries and fill up in their rooms.

42. Frozen Meals Vending Machine

frozen brocolli

In office break rooms, co-working spaces, hospital doctor’s lounges, and hostels with communal kitchens, frozen meals ice vending machine offers the ability to make a quick lunch or dinner without spending a lot of money.

There are also some high-end vending machines that can make frozen meals and deliver them fully cooked and ready to eat. But if you want to save on initial costs and maintenance, a machine that can just keep the meals frozen until someone buys them will suffice.

43. Disposable Masks and Gloves Vending Machine

After the pandemic, it’s more important than ever for people to take extra steps to protect themselves from illness. Even though vaccines have made the world a lot safer, many people still prefer to take additional precautions in crowded areas, like grocery stores, malls, and airports.

Vending disposable masks and gloves can also be extremely helpful in hospitals and just outside healthcare facilities. This is what vending machines are great for.

44. Jewelry Vending Machine Business

Depending on your market, you can either sell cheap jewelry that makes a fun trinket, or sell expensive jewelry that people can buy if they’re searching for a high-quality gift while short on time. 

Either type can be profitable, and you can even make more money selling cheap jewelry if it’s marketed toward teens and young girls. Shopping malls and retail stores are ideal spots for these vending machines.

More expensive jewelry vending machines can be placed in airports, train stations, and near hotels. These are locations where people may find themselves looking to buy something special but they aren’t able to easily commute to a jewelry store.

Of course, extra security measures will be needed for this type of machine if you decide to vend high-quality pieces.

45. Flower Vending Machine

A fresh flower vending machine is a nice way to brighten anyone’s day. You can place these vending machines in hospitals, near parks, restaurants, and other places people may be visiting a loved one or going on a date. 

Whether it’s a dozen roses or a cheerful spring bouquet, these types of vending machines is often popular year-round. It can also be profitable to install a vending machine along popular metro stops in an underground train system. People who are getting ready to meet someone will love being able to grab flowers on the go.

46. Flip-flop Vending Machine Business

Flip flops on the beach sand

Flip-flops are top selling items at beaches, boardwalks, and any touristy area that’s in a sunny location. You can offer the sandals in vending machines in a variety of sizes and styles, including options for adults, children, and toddlers. 

Imagine selling flip flops for just $1-$3 a pair. If 50 beach goers bought a pair, you’d make $50-$150 in a single day.

Flip-flops aren’t expected to last forever, and a lot of people may even be looking for some that are good for a one-time use. You could also make money selling these in vending machines near community pools and in nail salons. 

50. Sunscreen Vending Machine

Another great vending machine business idea is sunscreen, especially in beach towns and cities that get a lot of sun. Florida and California, for example, have a lot of tourists who plan to spend hours outside at a time. They often forget sunscreen, but your vending machine can save their skin that day.

Your vending machine business could also offer baby sunscreen options as well so the entire family can stay safe. It’s best to opt for at least SPF 50 if you want to maximize sales. 

51. Beach Towel Vending Machine

At the beach, pool, or even in a hotel, you can sell beach towels that also make a good souvenir for tourists in vending machines. This type of vending machine can also be useful if you place it at a bus stop or train station directly across from a beach. 

52. Sunglasses Vending Machine

Selling sunglasses in your vending machine business is a great idea in many locations, including malls, restaurants, beaches, and amusement parks. They’re also highly successful in traveling locations when people realize they don’t have a pair on hand.

Offer selections for men and women, and even children, to boost vending machine business revenue.

53. Live Bait Vending Machine

You might not have ever thought of this idea, but it’s actually extremely profitable in the right area. A live bait vending machines sell worms and insects to people who want to do some fishing. You can also consider adding things like hooks and fishing line into your vending machine. 

Consider reaching out to resorts or campsites near lakes and rivers where people tend to fish a lot.

54. Camp Gear Vending Machine Business

camp gear on a wooden log

There are so many things people need to stay comfortable while they’re camping. In fact, a lot of campers often forget something and realize they just have to make do without it because the nearest store is miles and miles away. 

That may not be the case anymore if you place a camping vending machine at a campsite. With these vending machines, you could offer things like a long-lasting power bank, neck pillows, fanny packs, eye masks, rain ponchos, canteens, and batteries.

55. Stationary Vending Machine

Although we live in a highly digital world, people still need a pen and paper sometimes. In office spaces and in schools, a vending machine business that sells paper, pens, mechanical pencils, notebooks and Post-It notes can be handy.

56. Books Vending Machine

Book vending machines can be either stocked with classics and bestsellers or gently used copies that are available for a lower rate than new printings. Consider placing this type of vending machine business in a transient spot, like an airport or train station, in a hospital waiting room, or on a college campus. If you're looking to get your hands on these for your school you may want to check how to get a grant for book vending machines.

57. Children’s Books and Activities Vending Machine

There’s one thing every parent has in common: they’ve all struggled to keep their kids entertained in public at some point. A vending machine business that deals in puzzles, Legos, coloring books, fidget spinners, and other small toys can be a lifesaver when they’re waiting in an airport or train station, or hospital.

These vending machines can also be profitable in shopping malls, parks, arcades, and near schools.

58. Hardware Tools Vending Machine Business

Have you ever really needed a screwdriver? What about a hammer? These are essential items, but we often find ourselves empty-handed when we need them the most. Installing a hardware vending machine next to a convenience store, in an apartment building, or on a technical school could be a great money-maker.

59. Bike Parts Vending Machine

A standing red-and-black bicycle

Tubes, lube, lights, chains, and tire patch kits can be good sellers at coffee shops, on college campuses, co-working spaces, and in city centers. Many people commute by bike daily, and they would greatly appreciate being able to pick up some essential accessories in a vending machine when they need it.

Additional items you might want to sell with your vending machine business are granola bars, protein bars, bottled water, and socks.

60. Video Games Vending Machine

There are gamers of all ages out there, and if you aren’t one, you probably know one. Consider setting up a video game vending machine business in places with high traffic. Traveling passengers may enjoy the chance to check out a new title on their trip; they can also be profitable in supermarkets and malls.

61. Photo Booth Machine

The classic photo booth hasn’t lost its appeal in the smartphone era. In fact, being able to get a print-on-demand photograph makes a booth even more appealing to people. You can place one in a shopping mall, at an arcade, skating rink, night club, bar, or stadium.

Look for touristy spots and places where people like to get together for events. Restaurants and bowling alleys make great locations for these machines as well! 

62. Hats and Clothes Vending Machine Business

In city centers, crowded areas, and places that attract a lot of tourists, hats, t-shirts, raincoats, and gloves can all be big sellers. You may even decide to swap out your inventory depending on the season. Beanies and scarves could sell a lot in the winter, and summer could be the prime time to sell pull-on shorts, tees, and baseball caps.

63. Feminine Hygiene Vending Machines

Feminine hygiene vending machines offer a lucrative business opportunity as they cater to an essential need for women. Placing them strategically in schools, hospitals, stations, airports, nursing homes, and other high-traffic areas ensures a steady demand. They provide convenience, privacy, and access to necessary products, addressing a fundamental aspect of women's health while generating reliable revenue stream.

64. Cake Vending Machines

Cake vending machines offering cakes in cans? Well, venturing into this delightful business is certainly worth considering. We explore the delectable details in this article about cake vending machines.

One of the primary factors contributing to the widespread popularity of cake in a can is its inherent portability and convenience. In today's fast-paced world, having access to a slice of cake that can be easily stored, transported, and savored at any moment, whether on a leisurely stroll or during a hectic workday, is truly a dream come true. Whether you're enjoying a picnic in the park or seeking a quick dessert fix on the go, cake in a can has emerged as the preferred choice for those in pursuit of a delicious treat while on the move.

Vending Machine Business Ideas to Improve Your Business

A power circuit with beaming threads

Now that we’ve covered some of the best types of vending machines out there, let’s look at some ways you can maximize profits and improve your vending machine business.

Place Vending Machine Outside Your House

Curious where you can place a vending machine for free? Your house might be the perfect spot! It’s completely legal in the United States to place a vending machine outside your house, so long as you have a business permit and the right license.

Read more about setting up a vending machine outside your house in our guide.

Learn How to Start a Vending Machine Business From Professionals

Our blog posts and free guides can help you start your own vending machine business. From finding the right idea to pitching to local business owners, we’ve shared all our best tips to help you start earning passive income.

Here are two of the best free resources to get you started:

Make Impressive Vending Machine Business Cards

Whenever you reach out to a business in person, leaving a professional vending machine business card with the owner or manager will make your company look great. It also serves as a physical illustration of how professional and reliable your vending business is. 

Here’s our guide on how to create vending machine company business cards.

Reach Out to Vending Locators

Sometimes, you need professional help to find the best places for a vending machine near you. The top-selling locations will vary depending on where you live. Instead of losing hours to scouting, you can hire professional locators to give you a list of all the best spots in your target area. 

Make a Vending Machine Pitch Deck

When you present your vending machine business model to potential clients, a pitch deck is essential. It demonstrates the value of your vending machine business and reveals important details such as your profitability, product offerings, and potential benefits to the prospect. If you get everything right it might even help you land a free vending machine placement.

Learn more about how to get a vending machine contract.

Go for a Smart Vending Machine

Smart vending machines have advanced hardware and technology that allow them to perform more advanced transactions. For example, a machine equipped with a card reader can accept cashless and even contactless payments.

Many smart vending machines are also able to provide you with updates on consumer behavior and real-time profit reports to help you stay on top of your vending machine business.

Read more on the best vending machines to buy

Manage Vending Machine Inventory Like a Pro

Inventory management in vending machine business is vital if you want to boost profits while saving costs. In addition to always knowing your inventory, it’s a good idea to learn how to choose the right suppliers early in your career. Doing so will save you a lot of time and expenses as an owner. 

Here’s our guide to finding the best vending machine suppliers and products.

Final Thoughts

Although we’ve compiled the best-selling vending machine business ideas, the list is far from being exhaustive. There are always new opportunities to vend, and as long as you have the right machine, you can really stock it with whatever you want (so long as its legally able to be sold).

If you’re ready to find vending machine locations, you can order a list from us today and get dozens of hand-picked spots sent to your inbox.

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