Get all you need to start a successful vending business.

Unlock your vending business potential with our comprehensive starter kit. Master location scouting, secure deals with confidence using professional legal templates, and pitch like a pro with our tailored cold calling script. Transform your ambition into a successful vending business with our expert guidance and resources.

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On average 3 vending locations bring
in $1200/month in extra

You can get your own vending
machine for as little as $800.

Everything you need to start and grow your own vending machine business

Here’s what included in the vending starter kit

200+ Researched Locations

Start a vending machine journey with an extensive list of carefully researched locations where your first machine can thrive, maximizing your chances of success.

Vending 101 eBook

Unlock the secrets of successful vending with our comprehensive eBook, covering everything from selecting profitable products to optimizing your vending machine performance.

Legal Contract Template

Protect your own vending machine business with a professionally crafted legal contract template, ensuring clarity and security in your agreements with location owners.

LLC Operating Agreement

Establish a solid foundation to start a vending machine business with our LLC operating agreement template withclear guidelines for ownership, management, and profit distribution.

Cold Calling & Email Script

Master the art of persuasive communication with our expert cold calling and email scripts, helping you find profitable locations and build relationships in vending machine industry.

Pricing Proposal Template

Present your vending services with confidence using our customizable pricing proposal template that offers golden nuggets to finding locations and earning an extra income.

“If you’re starting a vending machine one-man operation then this is for you”

🏆 Vending Starter Kit

  • 200+ Potential Locations
  • Vending 101 eBook
  • Cold Calling & Email Script
  • Pricing Proposal Template
  • Contract Template
  • LLC Operating Agreement
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How it works


You provide us with your zip code.


We research potential vending machine locations for your fast success.


We deliver a detailed list with vending locations and added data. You handle the outreach.

Our vending machine locator service saves 30+ hours of research!

What you can and can’t expect once you get started

A well researched list

Compared to other vending locators, we have a rigorous research process that enable you to find locations that turn a profit.

Up-to-date information

At the time of your list delivery everything will be up to date with public information on the web.

On time delivery

We will deliver a list for your vending business in due time.

No outreach

With vending locations neatly picked, reaching out is the easy part - and an opportunity to start a relationship.

Cold lead

Our vending machine locator service brings in quality, but cold leads that still need to find out about your vending business.

Not a guaranteed sale

Although we double down on research, there are no guarantees that these vending machine locations will become a client.

Before you buy your list

Have a business name

Make sure you have a clear and compelling vending machine business name. This will help potential customers remember you and give them an idea of what you do. Take some time to brainstorm and come up with a strong, unique name for your vending business.

Practice your pitch

Before you buy your list of vending business locations, practice your pitch. This will help you feel more confident and prepared when you reach out to potential customers. Take some time to prepare a script or outline that highlights the key benefits of your product or service, and practice delivering it in a clear and engaging way.

Be ready to act!

Before you buy your list, make sure you're ready to sell or act on the leads you receive. This means having a clear understanding of your product or service, as well as any relevant materials or information that will help you make the most of each opportunity. Be prepared to follow up quickly and efficiently to maximize the potential of your list.

On average, customers land 3 new locations!

A “must have” for any vending machine business

Our comprehensive vending machine business starting kit equips aspiring entrepreneurs with essential tools and resources, ensuring a smooth and successful launch into the vending industry.

Whether you're a seasoned vending professional or just starting out your own vending machine business or even a successful family business, our kit is the ultimate "must-have" to save you time. Moreover, it will mitigate risks and increase your chances of profitability in the competitive world of vending machine business.

🏆 Vending Starter Kit

  • 200+ Potential Locations
  • Vending 101 eBook
  • Cold Calling & Email Script
  • Pricing Proposal Template
  • Contract Template
  • LLC Operating Agreement
Buy Now - $149
What our clients say
“I was able to get three new vending machine locations with my lead list in Seattle.
Jon - Seattle, WA
“This list is huge! Well worth the price thank you.
Bill - Austin, TX


Do I need specific equipment to access materials?

No, you don’t need specific devices or equipment. Materials can be accessed both with your mobile device or/and laptop and PC. Keep in mind that at one point, if client requires it from your vending business, you’ll need a printing or fax device to send out contracts, pricing, or operating agreement that you’ve made using templates.

What is included in the pricing proposal template?

If the prospect says yes to one of your pricing packages, they’ll turn into a paying customer. Therefore, this template includes all the right content needed for you to convince your prospects to voice out enthusiastic yes. It comes writen in clear and persuasive language, free of jargon, it nudges you to think about your client-offer fit, and is configured with an industry standard packages that your warm leads are likely to accept.

Are cold calling and email even a good way to reach out to prospects?

In lack of personal business network and know-how of vending industry key contacts, they are a more than a good way to start. We know for certain, given the fact that you’ve used a right tactic and really communicated a clear value for prospects as well, they bring in results. Persuasive communication has it’s set of rules, and if followed a certain quantity of leads is likely to pick up on the offer and shake hands with your vending machine business.

What is included in the LLC Operating Agreement?

In an LLC operating agreement template you’ll find member financial interest disclosure, governance and ownership details, compensation agreement, tax issues, profit distribution, voluntary dissolution, fiduciary duties and more. Once you use the template to create your own operating agreement, you’ll be well on your way to mitigate risks involved in starting your own LLC venture.

What is included in the Legal Contract Template?

The vending contract spells out the details of the vending machine agreement with the location owner. If you were to follow the template to craft your own contract, the content would include: Names of the parties involved in a deal, term of the contract, ownership, utilities, responsibilities in case of theft and vandalism, obligations, limitation of liability, contract termination, and other miscellaneous requirements.

What is included in Vending 101 eBook?

Within the vending 101 eBook, you will find a multitude of various resources and explanations on how to get started managing a vending operation in great detail.

Are there prerequisites for getting a starter kit?

There are zero prerequisites. Our courses are open to aspiring vending machine business owners of all knowledge and experience levels.

All materials in a starter kit you'll receive are available in readable and visually friendly format. Since they're already prepared based on your most frequent concerns, you can choose to learn at your own tempo and skip details you fell that you've already mastered.

Can vending machines truly be a passive income?

If passive income means "no work" than vending machine business cannot be passive. As with any new business, there's a learning curve involved with starting. Moreover, once you move past finding profitable locations and buying vending machines, getting a good handle of inventory management and maintainance takes time. However, vending machines are a passive income in a sense that your income is not limited to daily hourly quota. Also, the more experience you gain by slowly scaling your vending business, the less time and effort you'll need to run more profitable locations.

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Take your vending machine business to the next level by finding the perfect locations and big accounts for placement. Our comprehensive research and placement suggestions make it easy to identify and secure new locations, so you can start increasing your revenue and expanding your business.