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If you’re in vending and serious about growing you need our hot lead program!

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Companies ask us all the time if “we know any companies that can give them a vending machine”...

We say that you are that company.


We have hot leads who are interested in getting a vending machines now!


We spot check them to make sure they are qualified and worth your time to reach out to.


We deliver it directly to your inbox and platform to reach out to the prospect to pitch them you’re services

We only cover the best types of locations

Office Buildings

Hotels / Motels




Car Dealers

Medical Centers



$49/hot lead

We will match you with hot leads with 100 miles around your zip code

The lead is qualified to and is more likely to close than a cold lead

You confirm you want the lead before you pay the $49/hot lead

If there is more than one company in the same zip code, we cap it at 4 competitors

Includes business name, phone number and address of each location

If you’re new to vending, you get this for free for 90 days with a purchase of a starting kit or higher!

Questions & Answers

How many other vending companies am I competing with in my area?

Competition for a location is entirely dependent on where your vending operation is located and the amount of vending operators that are servicing your specific location and area code. We would not be able to provide an accurate assessment of how much competition there is for your vending operation in a specific location as hot leads are claimed on a first come, first serve basis.

When am I charged?

Your card on file is only charged when you purchase an available hot lead on the platform. This charge occurs instantly once the transaction has been completed.

What happens if the lead doesn’t close?

While hot leads placed onto the board have been qualified and shown interest in having a vending machine placed at its associated location, this does not mean that it will be a guaranteed chance at successfully closing this deal. Each lead will have a high likelihood of ending in a successful deal, but it is not a guarantee as it is based upon what the specific owner/location/business wishes to do.

How do you get these leads? How do you know they are hot?

These leads are acquired directly by us through a combination of businesses directly contacting us regarding an available location for a vending machine or interest in having a vending machine placed at a location, and through our team of lead generation experts pre-verifying each lead that is placed onto the board.

Do I have to pay for every lead in my area? Can I pick and choose leads?

You do not need to pay for every lead in your area. You can pick and choose which available hot leads you wish to purchase based upon your own set of criteria for the business and location.

What is included in the hot lead access plan?

Under our hot lead plan, we will match you with qualified leads within a 50 mile radius of your zip code that have a higher likelihood of closing when compared to a cold lead. Each hot lead includes the name of the business, their associated phone number, and the address of their location.

Why do you ask for a card?

We require a credit card on file for hot lead access in order to give a fair opportunity to all users looking to acquire hot leads from our service and to ensure a seamless customer experience for purchasing hot leads.

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