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The Ultimate Party Trick: All Moet and Chandon Champagne Vending Machines

Step into the world of Moët & Chandon vending machines. Explore the business behind them and discover why they’re a lucrative vending business.

September 19, 2023


For vending owners and champagne connoisseurs alike, champagne vending machines are a revolutionary idea that will be gaining traction in the industry before too long. Below, we’ll explore the Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine line and discuss how you can get into the champagne vending machine market in its early stages.

One of the Most Unique Vending Machines

Champagne vending machines are truly one of the most unique options in the industry today. They are only in a select few locations, but it is a very exciting time, nonetheless. The ability to offer a small bottle of champagne to consumers might just mark the next chapter of growth in the vending industry.

A public champagne vending machine offers a wonderful way to connect with guests/customers and offer something unique. Not only is a Chandon vending machine incredibly convenient, but the mini bottles of bubbly make a wonderful keepsake.

Existing Moet and Chandon Vending Machine Locations

The Moët & Chandon logo first popped up in vending machines in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas. It was the first champagne vending machine in the country.

New York City recently acquired its first champagne vending machine, and it is located in the Lexington Hotel in midtown Manhattan. The Lexington hotel's director for Sales and Marketing, William van Wassenhove was extremely proud and exciting to unveil their recent addition to the public as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. It was introduced along with their new bar, The Stayton Room.

In addition to Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine in Stayton Room in Lexington hotel in the USA, they can also be found in Épernay at the company’s headquarters and the Selfridges department store in London.

What Champagne Vending Machine Brands Are There?

The vending market is only home to one champagne vending machine brand currently. The Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine is the original, and only, champagne brand offering their products in vending machines. Of course, the industry likely won’t stay this way for long.

Can You Purchase a Low-Cost Champagne Vending Machine?

Luckily, low-cost champagne vending machine does exist. They are essentially modified drink machines and are not offered by a specific champagne brand. Instead, the vending owner can purchase any brand of champagne to stock their machine. On average, these machines will be sold for $2000 to $3000.

Another option is to order a custom vending machine. It will be a bit pricier option compared to these modified machines, but they will sure be a lot more affordable compared to original champagne machines.

How Much Is the Champagne Vending Machine?

The Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine is quite pricey at $35,000. In addition to the purchase price, you’ll also have to consider the expenses associated with stocking the machine ($3000 to $5000), associated prices for shipping and installing the machine, and any maintenance it will require going forward.

How Does the Moet Vending Machine Work?

The Moët & Chandon vending machine does not dispense products like a typical vending machine. Rather than paying for the bottles at the machine, customers must purchase a gold coin from the hotel’s front desk or other location. Prices for the gold coins will vary depending on the location and the contents.

The gold coin will be used to operate the vending machine rather than standard payment methods. Once you insert the coin, you just push the button that corresponds to the type of champagne you want (Imperial Brut or Imperial Rosé), and in just a few seconds you’ll have a delightful mini Imperial Brut champagne in your hand.

You can drink the champagne straight from the bottle to enjoy some extra fizz or make use of the complimentary flute that is also dispensed for a more elegant experience.

Final Thoughts

As the vending industry continues to evolve, unique offers such as champagne vending machine will become more and more prevalent. For now, we’ll enjoy the growth of this niche product.

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