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Gym Vending Machine: A Convenient Source of Nutrition

Discover the ultimate convenience of vending machines at gyms- what types and items sell the best and where to get the machines.

September 19, 2023


The vending machine industry has extended its reach into every location imaginable. One of the most lucrative locations for vending machines is gyms and other fitness clubs. Gym vending machines can come in many forms, including snack vending machines, drink vending machines, and specialty retail vending machines. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of vending machines in fitness centers, discuss the best-selling products, investigate the best machines to buy, and explain how to save money with DIY gym vending machines.

Benefits of Vending Machines in Gyms

The advantages of vending machines in gyms are undeniable. No matter what a person’s role is in a gym (owner, employee, or member), they will be able to benefit in at least one significant way, if not multiple.

They Provide Healthy Snacks, Beverages, and Supplements

Gym goers rely on healthy snacks and drinks to fuel their workouts and help with recovery after training. Vending machines are a convenient source of nutrition and performance boosters that will help gym members make progress towards their goals and get the most out of their workouts.

Improves the Gym’s Profits

When a gym owner also owns the vending machines on the property, they will benefit financially. May gym memberships cost only $10 a month, and these members will be highly likely to spend money on vending machine items to support an establishment that is charging them so little for use of the facilities. The increase in revenue will help keep the doors open and improve the gym offerings for the members down the road.

Easy to Manage

Vending machines don’t require too much maintenance on a regular basis, especially when they are purchased new. As a result, employees will have more time to give the gym members for fitness training rather than serving food and drinks.
Some vending suppliers will even take care of restocking and maintenance needs themselves, completely removing this responsibility from gym owners/employees.

Improved Morale

One of the most commonly reported benefits of vending machines is a boost in morale, and this is true in every location. Not only will gym employees have access to excellent options for their breaks, but gym members will be able to give their all to their workouts even if they’ve forgotten some of their essentials that day.

They Increase the Gym’s Reputation

Gyms that have at least one vending machine are more popular than gyms without them. Vending machines can meet multiple needs at once: healthy snacks for recovery, pre-workout supplements to boost training performance, multiple healthy options for hydration, and all of the gear they could need.

With vending machines taking care of gym members in these ways, they will look more favorably on the business and will keep coming back. Word-of-mouth advertising is a huge component here, too.
Gym employees will also view the gym as a more favorable place to work, so staffing issues won’t be as much of a concern either.

What Products Are Selling the Best in Gyms?

Gyms are a fairly unique site in the vending world, as they can offer more than just snack and drinks to the people that make purchases from them. The most popular vending products in gyms include healthier options for snacks and sports drinks, various supplements, and a broad range of specialty retail items.

Snacks and Beverages

Healthy snacks and drinks are more important in a gym setting than anywhere else. Before and after an intensive workout, gym members have the option of fueling up and boosting recovery with protein shakes, sports drinks, energy drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables, smoothies, energy bars, and more.


Access to nutritional supplements that can replenish electrolytes and give proper nutrition is a highly sought after amenity in fitness centers. Creatine, protein bars, protein powder, energy drinks, and pre-workout mixes are some of the highlights in this category.

Specialty Retail Items & Club Merchandise

Filling a vending machine with specialty retail items like protein bars and protein shakes is a great way to improve retail sales in a gym. Popular items include towels, duffel bags, headphones, reusable water bottles and shaker cups, various wraps and straps, etc.

One thing that really sets gym vending machines apart from machines at different sites is the ability to build brand loyalty. Club merchandise such as t-shirts and ball caps can easily be sold in specialty retail machines, and there aren’t many other sectors of business that will make use of this unique ability to tailor the contents to their specific customers.

Best Gym Vending Machines to Buy

If you’re ready to get your gym vending machine business up and running, you’ll need to purchase a machine. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that offer machines already optimized for the gym setting. Let’s take a look at a few of the top companies.

A Machine

Company Info is a retailer and servicing company that is based in the USA. They have been open since 1931. They offer a broad range of vending machines for every size of business and continue to innovate and modernize their selection.

Can You Order Anywhere in the US? machines can be ordered from any state in America.

Expected Price Range

Prices are not available on the website.

Service Offerings

With the purchase of a machine, you’ll receive a one-year parts warranty, technical support for the life of the machine, delivery/installation services, and access to financing options.

Worldwide Vending Machine

Company Info

Worldwide Vending is a company based in Australia that provides vending lockers, traditional snack and beverage machines, specialty retail machines for niche businesses, and custom machines to meet the unique needs of any industry.

Can You Order Anywhere in the US?

Worldwide Vending currently only serves business in Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Expected Price Range

Prices are not available on the website.

Service Offerings

After the purchase of a vending machine, Worldwide Vending will support a one-year parts warranty and offer telephone technical support for the life of the machine. They have technicians on staff that can also assist with maintenance and repairs when needed.

Bottoms Up Vending Machine

Company Info

Bottoms Up Vending has been operating since 2003. This company offers a versatile selection of snack and beverage machines that can be adapted to any environment. They are not a traditional vending machine retailer: instead, they offer full route management to eliminate your involvement in the business.

Can You Order Anywhere in the US?
Bottoms Up Vending is currently only operating in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

Expected Price Range
Most gyms and fitness centers will qualify for the free service package offered by Bottoms Up Vending. They will retain ownership of the machine and keep all of the profits, but you won’t have to pay a cent in order to provide your employees and gym members with the convenience of a vending machine. While this company’s system won’t generate any additional revenue for your business, you’ll still get to take advantage of the rest of the benefits of gym vending machines.

Service Offerings
Bottoms Up Vending employees will be responsible for shipping and installation of the machines, maintenance, stocking, and other service that is required to keep the machine functional and accessible.

An IDS Machine

Company Info

IDS, or Intelligent Dispensing Systems, is a company that offers a wide range of vending and dispensing machines for gyms. They have been operating for almost a century.

They can offer traditional snack and beverage machines, specialty retail machines, and even dispensing lockers that are designed for fragile and bulky items. Their machines are equipped with IR sensors to ensure a 100% drop rate of items or guaranteed cash back, as well as UV sanitation systems to maintain hygienic standards.

Can You Order Anywhere in the US?

IDS can ship machines anywhere in North America.

Expected Price Range

Prices are not available on the website.

Service Offerings

When you purchase a machine from IDS, you will be able to customize your graphics to improve brand recognition, sell multiple types of products within a single machine, and access their virtual tracker to monitor your inventory. They also offer warranty coverage for all machines and will manage the shipping and installation of the machine for you.

Turn a Combo Machine into a Gym Vending Machine

If a new, ready-to-function gym vending machine is just not within your means, you’re in luck. There is still a one thing to do to add a vending machine to your fitness club without breaking the bank.

A combo vending machine is the perfect way to begin a gym vending machine business. You can purchase one for a small amount of money from an independent seller on various websites (Facebook Marketplace, eBay, etc.) or find a cheaper machine for sale from a vending machine refurbishing company. If these options still cost more than you’re able to spend, you could also look into grants, leasing options, and additional financing solutions from third parties or friends and families.

Once you’ve purchased a combo vending machine that is suited to your intended stock type, you just need to pay for some custom graphics to make the machine stand out in the gym. The custom graphics should let people know what items are sold in the machine.

If the machine is an older model, you may also want to update the payment systems to make the machine more accessible. This can include compatibility with mobile devices for payment systems like apple pay and/or traditional card readers for debit/credit cards. These options, in addition to a functional bill acceptor for cash payments, will encourage more people to use the machine and won’t discriminate against those that don’t carry cash or coins to the gym.

With the right configuration of products being sold, payment systems, and an eye-catching exterior, your cheap (or even free) combo vending machine will become a highly profitable gym vending machine in no time.

P.S In case you want to go full-on professional, you can order a custom vending machine for your gym with all the specifics taken care of in advance.

Wrapping Up

Gym vending machines are a wonderful addition to health clubs for a variety of reasons. There are many advantages for employees and gym members who can become customers, and gym owners also benefit greatly. With the relative ease with which they can be acquired, there’s really no reason not to include vending machines in gyms. The chances are retail sales will flourish. They are the leading solution for providing healthy snacks, beverages, and workout gear to clients in a convenient and accessible manner.

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