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Feminine Hygiene Vending Machines

Feminine hygiene vending machines are becoming increasingly popular. Here are the best brands, products, and locations to make your business excel.


The modern vending machine industry has existed across the world for decades, and in that time, the market has expanded to include vending machine products that have revolutionized self-serve shopping and public access to necessities. One huge component of this essentials market was the invention of a vending machine for feminine products. For many women, a feminine hygiene vending machine is the first machine they’ll have regular access to in their preteen and early teenage years. Below, we’ve gathered all of the information you need to know about feminine hygiene machines. Let’s dive in.

What Is a Feminine Hygiene Machine?

feminine hygiene vending machine by butterfly
© Dawn, Butterfly Breathables

A feminine hygiene vending machine is a fairly unique style of vending machine in its simplicity. They are usually affixed to a wall rather than the floor and tend to be quite small in size with a low capacity for items. They also usually don’t require power to operate and only accept coins as payment. Feminine hygiene products that can be found in these machines include tampons, sanitary towels, and sanitary pads; some machines may only offer one type of hygiene product like tampon vending machines, but others will carry both types of supplies. It's important to note that these machines are different from also-popular beauty vending machines.

Finding a feminine hygiene vending machine is not all that difficult; they can be found in a variety of environments in public restrooms and similar spaces. From a business perspective, feminine hygiene products are a great investment. They are very easy to manage with a regular restocking schedule, they don’t cost much money, and profitability is almost a guarantee since people will need the products on a regular basis and the machines can be easily placed in high-traffic locations.

What Feminine Hygiene Products Sell Well?

As a vending machine owner, one of your main priorities is to stock your vending machines with products that customers actually want to buy. There is a wide range of feminine wellness products on the market including pantyliner's, tampons, various sizes of pads, menstrual cups, sanitary towels, period underwear, and more.

Pads and tampons are the best options to provide in hygiene machines as these are the most-used types of period products and also the most needed when women are far away from their houses. When it comes to specific brands that offer hygiene and wellness products, there are a few standouts for period products. Procter and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Edgewell Personal Care are some of the top companies to choose from.

In order to improve profitability and customer satisfaction, it is a great idea to pair period products with other essentials such as suntan lotion, cosmetics, and more.

Best Feminine Hygiene Machines on the Market

If you’re ready to get started with a feminine hygiene vending machine of your own - just like our starter kit - these leading machines will get you off to a great start. Many of these companies are committed to ending period poverty by making hygiene products accessible to women all across the world. As a result, they are excellent brands to support and promote.


Woosh feminine hygiene vending machine
© Woosh Feminine Vending

Woosh offers two types of machines. Their Multivend machine is an electronic machine with a digital display that can hold up to 9 different product types (mix of tampons and pads) and can also be converted to a diaper-dispensing system. This machine is medium-sized and accepts 12 different types of coins to ensure all users with change can make use of it.

The Dual Vend is a smaller, more simplistic machine that can hold two product types at a time and can be operated with the use of 12 different coin types. This machine is incredibly user-friendly and can easily be paired with waste receptacles for discreet disposals.


© UnoClean

UnoClean offers more than 10 styles of machines that operate for free or on either a 25-cent or 50-cent coin. They are priced between $400 and $500 and come in two rough sizes, a small and a medium. Each machine is capable of housing both tampons and sanitary pads for purchase.


© World of SOS

SOS as a brand is revolutionizing what machines look like. Their smart machine offers free period products to the women who need them, and they are also stocked with other essentials and body care products such as sunscreen. Their machine is much larger than the standard feminine hygiene vending machine, and rather than coins, this interactive vending machine accepts payment via a phone app or debit/credit card.

Brands on Alibaba

Alibaba carries a selection of feminine hygiene machines that range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. There are machines available that can house both tampons and sanitary pads, and some that are versatile enough to hold other types of feminine products as well. The available payment systems on these machines include coin, card, and mobile payments. They also range in size from full-sized vending machines to compact wall units.

Parish Supply

© Parish Supply

The Parish Supply vending machine for feminine hygiene products is capable of dispensing both sanitary pads and tampons, with a capacity of 15 and 25 respectively. The items can be purchased for 25 cents each. This vending machine is medium-sized and priced at just under $700.


Macgill feminine hygiene vending machine that accepts 25 cents
© MacGill

The MacGill feminine hygiene vending machine is priced just a hair under $400 and is medium-sized. Users can purchase products with a 25-cent coin. The selection includes Naturelle sanitary pads (capacity for 17) and Playtex tampons (capacity for 26).

Find Locations for Feminine Hygiene Machines

For all vending machine types, location plays a crucial role in profitability, but this is even more evident when it comes to feminine hygiene machines. These machines are meant to be convenient, accessible, and discreet for safe and comfortable purchasing decisions, and location plays a big role in the overall user experience. Let’s take a look at some of the best places for feminine hygiene machines.


As much as schools make great vending locations, washrooms on school campuses (middle school, high school, and post-secondary) make excellent locations for feminine hygiene machines. Girls and young adults will spend a lot of time at school, and the value of easy access to period products cannot be understated. Many girls will choose to purchase their pads and tampons from a vending machine to reduce the number of things they need to carry with them, and it is great for emergencies.

College Dorms

A college dorm is a very high-traffic area that is frequented by very busy individuals at all times of the day and night. As such, they are exceptional locations for feminine hygiene machines.  These spaces feature plenty of exposure to potential customers, and feminine hygiene machines placed there will often be the first choice for young women when supplies run low.

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes are another profitable location for feminine hygiene machines. They are frequented by women of all ages on a regular basis and are an excellent location to build a reliable and loyal consumer base.


Just like a lot of types of vending machines do, feminine hygiene machines do very well in shopping malls and similar centers. Shoppers may spend multiple hours on site, and if they’ve neglected to bring period products with them, they will be very much inclined to make use of a vending machine rather than run home for supplies. The high foot traffic in malls lends itself to high profitability potential for the vending owner as well.

Gas Stations & Highway Resorts

Road trips are fun, but they also limit a woman’s ability to access affordable period products at a moment's notice. This is why gas stations and highway resorts make excellent locations for vending machines selling feminine hygiene items; they will often be the only available option and these locations are visited by many people on a day-to-day basis.

Hotels & Motels

While hotels and motels cannot generate the same loyalty in a consumer base as college dorms or apartment buildings, they are still excellent locations for feminine hygiene machines. Overnight guests may be in need of period supplies unexpectedly, and a vending machine is a much more desirable option than a trip to the nearest store. Guests will access these vending machines at any time of day, increasing the sales potential, and the constant turnover in these locations will help improve the chances of a sale.

If you need more vending machine location ideas, head over to our ultimate list of vending locations.

Wrapping Up

All in all, feminine hygiene machines are an affordable way to break into the high-rising vending industry or expand an existing route. The chances of success are high with the right location choice, and the market is gaining traction given the high priority placed on innovation and accessibility. Now is certainly the time to branch out into this niche of the vending machine world whether you are brand new to the industry or have an established business already.

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