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Is every pricing package a one-time payment?

All the packages displayed on the pricing page are one-time payments. Each payment request is processed through a third-party card processing service and is billed immediately upon the order. In case the list you receive is not satisfactory, you may reach our support team to request a refund.

How accurate is your data?

When you order a list from your vending machine locators, the team of researchers builds the list custom for you. This means that the new locations data is as fresh as it can get and the chance of requesting replacement locations is minimized.

Is this a subscription or a one-time fee?

This is a one time fee. A vending business owner (you) will not be charged after the first initial purchase.

What geographical areas do you cover?

We can research high-traffic locations and large companies for vending machines anywhere around the world! That includes "vending machine locations near me". It's good to know that majority of our clients are in the United States and Canada.

Do the locations you provide already have a vending machine in place?

As part of our research services, we can provide you with the following information about a business: name, address, website (if available), phone number, store rating, review count, category, and tags. If you have chosen a package that includes email research, we will also include any available email addresses. Please note that all of this information is gathered through public internet sources, and we cannot confirm whether a specific business has vending machines or any vending service on-site. So far, to our knowledge, no locator service in vending industry has been able to deliver such information. If you would like to verify that in fact it's a good location, we recommend reaching out to the business directly by visiting the location or calling them.

Are the locations you provide a good fit for my business?

Having your vending business in mind and the items you plan on selling is the first part of our research process. Since we do provide category data within the research you will be able to see which future locations are likely to best suit your business. E.g. if you own a healthy vending machine, gumball machines, or sticker machines, or sell honor boxes, the categories we provide will in broad sense match your criteria.

How do vending machine locators find this data?

All information is obtained through public databases and research. We can't see how much traffic these locations already have or how many machines are in operation there. However, our team will look at things like satellite images of the building to make sure the facility can easily fit your vending machines.

Are you able to tell if a particular city/zip code already has a lot of vending machines in place?

We research vending machine locations based on foot traffic and types of high-traffic locations that generally put vending machines in place like hotels, warehouses, etc... In terms of saturation or noticing if there's a vending machine nearby that is not something we cover and you would discover this information with your outreach efforts.

Do you call and email the locations for vending operator?

No. We provide a well researched list that you would call yourself. Our value add is saving you time from research and weeding out places for your vending machines that seem like a bad location.

Do you offer any refunds?

Yes on a case by case basis, if you're not happy with the new location list after delivery please contact support to help! We will review the order to see if our quality is not satisfactory.

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