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All You Should Know When Buying a U-Turn Vending Machine

Need a vending machine that fits any budget? Read this guide to find out more about u-turn machines - from the best deals to where to get replacement parts and suitable locations.


Choosing a vending machine that suits your business needs is critical to getting the best value for your money. It guarantees you a decent income for a long period.

Imagine buying one that can’t dispense bulk candy, drinks, or other small items with a push of a button. If that appears extreme, what about buying an efficient U-Turn vending machine with a capacity that doesn’t match your business requirements? No one wants to have these experiences.

There’s no doubt U-Turn vending machines are popular among small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to earn without incurring a lot of upfront costs today. These u-turn vending machines are widely known for their versatility, ease of use, durability, and they involve less credit risks. However, they’re not created equal. So, buying u-turn vending machines can only be a worthy investment if you choose one that suits your needs and will provide a reliable source of income for years.

U-Turn Vending Information

When scouting quality u-turn vending machines for the first time, learning more about the product provider is essential. You have to consider the company’s missions, why their vending machine is one of the best and more.

This section provides the critical information you need to understand what U-Turn vending offers.

U-Turn Vending’s Mission

The mission of U-Turn Vending is to offer the best vending product, the finest customer support, and timely delivery. Moreover, they ensure the u-turn vending machine helps you achieve your vending business goals.

If you’re asking whether the company lives up to this promise, note that they have been operating for over 20 years. So, U-Turn vending has extensive selling experience (and technical experience) helping independent vending businesses access this billion-dollar industry.

Are you asking for additional information on whether U-Turn vending machines can help you to achieve your goals? You can benefit from their free training, including airfare to the headquarters in Idaho Falls, ID, and hotel accommodation.

Why Choose U-Turn Vending Machines?

We’ve briefly discussed some of these machines’ critical benefits.

Here are more:

  • Highly eye-catching
  • Flexible
  • Highly reliable
  • Most innovative

In short, with plenty of eye-catching colors, up to 600 inches of product display, a five-year warranty, eight removable canisters, and the finest coin mechanism in the industry, U-Turn’s vending machine has earned its name “The Money Machine.”

If that’s not enough, think about proven industry success. In the US alone, $64,000 is spent on these automated machines.

Where To Spy the Best Deal For a U-Turn Vending Machine?

Now you know why U-Turn is a great manufacturer and why choosing one of their appropriate vending machines is worth it, but it’s a good idea to spy on the best deals before buying one.

Some of the best places to spy the best U-Turn vending machine deals are:

Reputable Online Marketplaces

Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon feature listings for used machines that are more affordable than new ones. You can also find alternatives on the U-Turn machine’s Facebook page or

Accredited U-Turn Machine Distributors

Reaching out to these u-turn vending machine distributors directly to inquire about their prices, promotions, or deals is a solution that can make a striking difference.

Industry Publications

Look for reputable industry publications like Vending Market Watch or Vending Times and compare rates and terms of sale.

As you spy, remember that the best deal meets business needs and gives the best value for money.

How Does A U-Turn Vending Machine Operate?

The machines use an advanced spiral track system that rotates the products down to the dispensing slot located at the bottom.

When a customer inserts money, the bill validator or coin mechanism detects the payment and determines its value. It then activates the spiral track corresponding to the selected item to rotate, pushing the product to the dispensing slot where the customer can retrieve it.

The control board controls the motor, which signals the track to rotate. So, the operator can program the tracks to turn at different speeds.

To understand how the machine operates much better, remember that it’s designed with a series of removable canisters. Each of them contains a different product. At the same time, each canister has a unique spiral track set to dispense the product at a specific price point.

In short, a bulk candy vending machine uses a combination of electronic and mechanical components to detect payment, activate the right spiral track, and dispense products.

U-turn Machine Replacement Parts

Another thing to consider before buying these candy machines is the availability of affordable replacement parts.

Here is a comprehensive list of U-Turn machine replacement parts you can get today:

1.  UTurn U-Turn U-Turn Lock & Key Gumball Candy Nut Vending Machines Lock & 2 Keys 

2.  Lock and Key for U-turn Gumball Candy Bulk Vending Machines U-Turn Eliminator

3.  U-Turn Uturn U-Turn Bulk Candy Vending Machine Tumbler Insert W/ Stir Spring

4.  U-Turn Uturn U-Turn Bulk Candy Vending Machine Tumbler Insert ~ Replacement Part

5.  3U-turn 2.5 x 10 Vinyl Peel & Stick Vending Labels

6.  gU-TURN Terminator 8 Head Carousel Candy Vending Machine USED (NO KEY)

7.  U-Turn Vending Small Candy Canister Plastic Container -Shell Only (Lot Of 4)

8.  2 Lock and Key Sets for U-turn Spinner Gumball Candy Vending Machines U-Turn

9.  8 U-turn 1 x 9.75" Vinyl Peel & Stick Price Vending Labels Strips u-turn

10.  Uturn U Turn UTurn Bulk Candy Vending Machine ~ Lot of 2Chute Flaps with Spring

11.  Set of 4 UTurn U-Turn Vending Candy Machine Door Replacement Parts Vending Part

12.  U-TURN Terminator 8 Head Carousel Candy Vending Machine

13.  2 Uturn Candy Tumbler Insert Vending Machine Replacement Part U-Turn

14.  Set of 2 Blue Uturn U Turn Candy Gum Vending Machine Freshness Seals, Seal Parts

15.  Lot of 4 Uturn U-Turn Vending Machine Candy Canister Divider Supports Crossbar

16.  UTurn U-Turn U-Turn Lock & Key Gumball Candy Nut Vending Machine 2 Locks + 4Keys 

17.  Uturn U Turn Bulk Candy Vending Machine Replacement Parts~ Coin Mech Cog Wheel

18.  8 pc Uturn U Turn Vending Machine Coin boxes Used

19.  Lot Set Of 4 U-Turn UTurn Bulk Candy Vending Machine Coin Boxes

20.  Uturn U Turn Bulk Candy Vending Machine Set Of Center All Thread Rods

21.  U-turn Candy Machine Lid Bulk Yellow Vending Top Cover Donation Slot W/ Lock Key

22.  U-Turn Vending Machine Candy Chutes/Lot of 4 ~Replacement Parts

23.  Uturn U Turn Bulk Candy Vending Machine Replacement Parts~Coin Mech Back Plate

24.  Lot Of 3 U-Turn UTurn Bulk Candy Vending Machine Parts Small Canisters New

25.  Lot of 4 Uturn U-turn Bulk Candy Vending Machine .25 Cent Coin Mechs Mechanisms

Find U-turn Vending Locations

Choosing the right spot for the machine is also essential, and that’s why learning how to find vending locations is one thing you can’t ignore. It's the other business within a business as long as you're looking to scale.

Read on for some of the most popular vending locations.

Shopping Centers and Malls

These locations have a high volume of foot traffic. Besides, many people spend time browsing and shopping in these areas, and they offer a convenient space for shoppers to grab a snack or beverage.

Office Buildings

These buildings are great locations for vending machines, given that they offer a quick and easy way for office staff to grab a snack or drink during a busy workday. In most cases, communal areas like break rooms are the most ideal.

Schools and Universities

Vending machines are popular in institutions like universities and schools since they allow learners to grab a snack or beverage during breaks or between classes.

Hospitals And Healthcare

Patients, visitors, and staff with no time to leave hospitals and healthcare facilities enjoy the quick access to snacks and beverages these machines provide.

Public Transit Stations

Commuters spend much time waiting for their trains or buses, which offers an excellent opportunity for the vending business. That’s why many public transit stations are popular locations for vending businesses worldwide.

Ready to get started? Be sure you choose the suitable U-Turn machine and follow the links above to see or order the appropriate machine spare parts. Finally, use our detailed list of vending locations to choose one that suits you. 

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