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Vending Machine Profit Calculator

Calculate how much money you can make in vending with our profit calculator! On average you can make about $400 per location per month.


Vending machine business ventures are incredibly popular for solo entrepreneurs and partnerships. They don’t require much support staff (if any at all), and the right vending machines in the right locations can generate a sizeable net profit on a weekly basis. Whether you’re questioning the gross profit margin of a vending machine investment in general, looking for tax advantage gaps, or you’re keen on identifying the profitability of a specific vending business, this comprehensive vending gross profit calculator and guide has you covered. 

Are Vending Machines a Profitable Idea?

Most business ventures are associated with a sizeable amount of risk (hence an LLC being a good option), as yearly gross profit can never be guaranteed. While vending machines are not a true exception to this rule, there is a wide market that offers valuable insights into what makes vending machines profitable and how to start off vending ownership on the right foot. 

The national average for vending revenue each year is less than a million dollars. While this may not sound good, these are actually incredibly successful businesses run by thousands of small business owners. 

The most profitable vending machines include snack and beverage machines, ice vending machine, cold food vending machines, and bulk machines. Snack and beverage machines alone comprise 30% of the vending market in the entire country. Whether you want to expand a current vending operation or branch into the industry for the first time with say, ice vending machine, this profit calculator will help you succeed and stay ahead of the game for years. 

Profit Calculator

If you would like to estimate the monthly gross profit or even yearly gross profit potential of your vending machine business idea, or you want to calculate the gross profit of an existing vending machine investment for tax advantage purposes, our profit calculator is a great first step. It considers your gross profit (either daily gross profit, weekly gross profit, monthly gross profit, or even yearly gross profit) and additional business expenses to determine how much of your sales earnings you are actually pocketing as profit. As a result, thanks to this assessment you can play around with vending machine prices and set everything up for profits. Check it out below. 

Days Per Week Machines Are Accessible:
Total Number of Machines:
Total Restocking Trips Per Week:
Total Distance Per Restock Run (in miles):
Price of Gas per Gallon:
Miles Per Gallon of Restocking Vehicle:
Average Vends Per Day, Per Machine:
Average Buy Price Per Item:
Average Price Per Vend Item:

Daily Gross Profit: $

Weekly Gross Profit: $

Monthly Gross Profit: $

Yearly Gross Profit: $

What Determines the Profitability?

There are many influences on yearly potential profits of a vending machine business. Some relate to location, others to the scope of the business, and others to management decisions. These are the factors that were built into the profit calculator formula. Let’s dive right in. 


Foot traffic is one of the most significant factors that affects vending machine gross profit margin and our profit calculator. After all, a machine can’t sell items to people unless there are people around to sell to. Locations such as malls, airports, and hotels will be constantly flooded by people, and they are therefore for most business ventures much more profitable compared to areas with lower location traffic such as small office buildings or other private establishments. 


This one hugely impacts your yearly gross profit. Vending machine placement quality is another factor that affects overall gross profit margin and may show up in a profit calculator as a vends per day input. Custom vending machines placed in well-lit, accessible, and visible areas will perform much better than ones that are blocked by obstacles or not immediately visible in a space. 

Placement quality also relates to the vending needs of the area; vending machine owners should ask the question “Is this type of machine needed here?” before committing to a site, as a machine placed in a saturated location will not perform as well as in a location where it is the only one of its kind. 

Number of Machines

The number of machines owned by a business owner will also factor into the gross profit of the business. Of course, it factors into a profit calculator as well. In general, a higher number of vending machines will result in higher yearly gross profit, but there are some additional things to consider. A business with more machines will require more time spent stocking, higher insurance costs, and more competition if they are located nearby one another. 

Any vending owner looking to expand their business or get started with multiple machines at once will need to account for the additional expenses, as well. 

Vends per Day

Vends per day, or the number of items being purchased each day, is a major component that impacts a gross profit. If items have a higher gross profit margin, a lower number of vends per day will still bring in a gross profit. However, items with lower profit margin need to be sold at high volumes to generate respectable earnings. 

All vending owners should estimate a projected number of vends per day as part of their business plan, especially before buying supplies in bulk. They do not want to waste money on expired products or end up with a lot of stock that people just don’t want to buy from their custom vending machines. 

Wholesale Cost

Most business ventures that deal in vending will purchase items for their machines in bulk. Wholesale suppliers are the most cost-effective way to do this, as large boxes of supplies will have a lower item cost per given amount than purchasing in smaller quantities. A machine’s yearly gross profit will be largely affected by the item cost from your wholesale stock: it is one of the biggest influences on gross profit margins and our profit calculator. Vending owners will gain more money if they are selling an item for $3 but only paying 35 cents for it in bulk rather than investing 50 cents per item, for example. 

Chargeable Vend Price

The chargeable vend price(average price) of product types will vary depending on the level of competition in an area and how much the individual items cost the supplier. The chargeable vend price of an item will be a reflection of how much people are willing to pay as well as how much it costs the vending business owner to get the item into the machine in the first place. 

If vend prices are too high, people will not be purchasing items very often and business growth potential and profitability will suffer. However, if the yearly gross profit margin is too low, the vending owner will have a hard time ever seeing a gross profit in profit calculator and the business will not be viable long term. The item cost must therefore strike a balance between net profit for the vending owner and reasonable pricing from the consumer perspective. Here's our short guide on how to adjust vending machine prices.

Operative Costs

All expenses will be deducted from the business income each year when paying for tax purposes are done, and this tax advantage ensures your vending machine investment doesn’t have to skimp on operative costs. These costs could like maintenance fees, product shipping, business insurance, and more. While these expenses will show up bad track record in profit calculator, they are necessary in order to ensure business growth and that your vending machines are attractive to customers and capable of meeting their vending needs. 

Best Locations for Vending Business

Owning vending machines is not the most strenuous way to start a small business, but it does require a fair amount of forethought to ensure success and high net profit. One of the most integral factors to consider is the location of the vending machine. The vending machine location will affect the type of machine that will be most successful, the amount of foot traffic that passes the machine on a daily basis, the rental fee for the site, and more. 

Some of the best and most advisable locations - and that is if you want the profit calculator to spit out a happy outcome - include airports, malls, schools, offices, industrial buildings, hotels, fitness centers, hospitals, and many more. 

Profit Calculator Wrap-up

Assessing the yearly gross profit potential for your vending machines with a profit calculator is an excellent way to identify areas of improvement. It's also a great way to develop new ways to spark business growth, and even recognize a need to consult with professionals to talk about how to save money on expenses and reach higher net profit. When you have a profit calculator to consolidate about where you’re going right and where you’re going wrong with your vending business, you’ll be able to make necessary and beneficial changes to improve the integrity, longevity, use tax advantage, and of course the reach higher net profit of the your business ventures. 

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