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How to change price on vending machine?

Every vending machine can be re-programed. Here’s how to make adjustments and how to change price on vending machine.


One key aspect of vending machine business ownership is the concept of cost analysis and appropriate pricing of stock. In order to make a profit, a vending owner needs to determine how much they are paying for the snacks, drinks, and retail items that fill their vending machines, and then price their items accordingly. Below, we’ll explore how to program a vending machine right after purchase and discuss when and how to change vending machine prices of products down the road.  

Programming Vending Machines

Planing marketing campaigns, fine-tuning your vending machines for profit, or even getting personalized content and ads to customers of different budgets needs a little bit of technical tweaking on your vending machine. Rest assured, it's as easy as ABC.

Before we get into how to program vending machines, it is important to note that not every machine will function exactly the same. Different models will require different steps, and the owner’s manual should always be followed to ensure success during programming.

In general, the steps for setting vending machine prices are as follows:

1.  Unlock the vending machine (insert your machine key and turn) and open the door.

2.  Touch a metal component of the door to remove static electricity (for your safety and the safety of your vending machine).

3.  The control board will be located on the inside of the door. Press the mode button to access the menu.

4.  Press “1” to scroll the options on the display until you reach “price”. Press “3” to select it.

5.  You will have the option to set all of the vending machine prices to be the same, but you can also choose individual pricing if each item inside the vending machine will be set to a unique value.

6.  By pressing the “1” and “2” buttons, you can raise and lower the price of the items for sale inside the vending machine. When they are all correct, press “3” again to save the prices.

Changing Price on Vending Machines

a man in a dark ambient observing his vending machine prices

There are a number of reasons why vending machine prices may need to be changed. You may need to adjust a price to compensate for an item not selling as well, and you may decide to raise prices on items that customers are purchasing more often than expected. This will help you maximize your profitability, manage inventory effectively, and control the refill costs.

Other reasons to adjust pricing on things inside the vending machine, depending on your settings, is if the bulk purchase price has gone up and you need to earn more money off of it, or if you need to set the right price on a brand new item you are beginning to sell. Vending profit calculator is one of the tools to prompt you to do this.

The demographic in your location will also affect what your pricing should look like, so you should perform market research and consider all of the relevant factors before setting vending machine prices in a new location. Similar items can sell for different amounts depending on where vending machines are located. Popular snack vending machines may work in one spot, while healthy vending machines, cake machines, or feminine hygiene venidng machines may require completely different audience setup.

Changing vending machine prices in a vending equipment will follow the exact same steps as programming it initially (remember to consult the owner’s manual for the specifics relating to your vending machine), with the exception that you may only need to change one or two prices instead of all of them.

Vending owners should take this opportunity to empty most of the change from their vending machines (if people are allowed to pay with coins) and scan for an error in the machine that may not have presented as a visual problem yet.

Wrapping Up

Setting and changing vending machine prices is not an overly complicated process, but every vending owner will need to take the time to understand their specific machine and how their products should be priced to maximize customer accessibility and owner profitability. It’s a good idea to monitor vending sales, whether they're done through Cash App, Apple Pay, or other methods, and make adjusts to the vending machine prices as often as they are needed, especially if the machine has recently moved to a new location or the stock has been changed out for different items.

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