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How much does a vending machine weigh?

On average vending machines weigh anywhere between 400-800 lbs. Here are more details about how much does a vending machine weigh.


The Basics of Vending Machines

Before we dive into the weight aspect, let's begin with a brief overview of vending machines. These self-service appliances are designed to dispense a variety of goods, such as snacks, beverages, and even small electronics. They operate on either coins, paper money, or digital payments, making them a convenient option for consumers.

Vending machines have come a long way since their inception in the early 1880s. They have evolved to incorporate advanced technologies such as touchscreens, cashless payments, and even remote monitoring capabilities. However, the fundamental principle remains the same: providing products on demand to customers.

How much do vending machines weigh on average?

The weight of various machines ranges from 400 to 900 pounds. To figure out the precise weight of your vending machine, check its specifications. You can look up its model online if you don't have access to those. Typical glass front machines have a weight of 640 pounds, a height of 72 inches, and dimensions of 39 inches by 30 inches.

The type of vehicle you employ and how many helpers vending companies require depend on the weight and size of the vending machine in order to complete the work safely. Before transferring the vending machine, emptying it might further reduce its weight.

Combo vending machines are types of vending machines that are used to sell soda, candy bars, chips, and other things in addition to other items. They typically weigh between 295 and 430 kilograms (650 to 950 pounds). These are typically the biggest vending machine types available, and they typically include a glass front display.

These vending machines typically have a considerably more complex cooling system installed at the bottom of the vending machine to create a dual-temperature medium to keep the drinks chilled and the snacks at a relatively higher temperature because they house more products that need cooling. If you attempt to relocate a vending machine without the necessary tools or equipment, personal injury is quite likely to occur.

a heavy vending machine wrapped in a cellophane

What adds weight to a vending machine?

Refrigeration System and Cooling Systems

Vending machine that offers chilled beverages like soda vending machine require a refrigeration system or cooling system. These systems ensure that the products remain fresh and at the desired temperature. The addition of a refrigeration unit contributes to vending machine weight, as it includes components like compressors, condensers, cooling agents, and insulation.

Product Weight

One of the most noticeable factors that add weight to a vending machine is the inventory it holds. The products stocked in the vending machine, such as bottles, cans, or snacks, can significantly contribute to its overall weight. Depending on the size and type of the vending machine, the weight of the products inside can vary significantly.

Volume of Inventory

In addition to the weight of the products, the volume of inventory also plays a role in the overall weight of a vending machine. The larger the capacity of the machine, the more inventory it can hold, resulting in increased weight. Vending machines designed for high-traffic areas or outdoor locations often have a larger capacity to meet demand.

The Metal Structure: The Security Aspect

One of the primary reasons vending machines are heavy is their sturdy metal structure. These machines are designed to withstand constant use, potential abuse, and harsh outdoor conditions. Typically made of steel or aluminum, the metal frame ensures that the vending machine can withstand the weight of products, the force from users, and potential impact.

The type of vending machine

Vending machine dimensions impact their weight profile.

A relatively smaller snack machine for chips and light snacks without a cooling system can weigh as little as 400 pounds (180 kg) when empty and as much as 450 pounds (about 200 kg) when filled. This is compared to other types, which employ refrigeration for candy bars and weigh about 900 lbs. (400 kg), but when it's loaded with snacks and money, it can weigh up to 1,000 lbs. (430–450 kg).

What is the vending machine weight of the most popular vending brands?

1. Evoke Snack 6 Machine

The Evoke Snack 6 machine is a modern and technologically advanced vending machine that offers a wide variety of customizable snack options. This state-of-the-art dispenser is quite compact and weighs approximately 626 lbs. (283.9 kg), has a height of 72" (183 cm), a width of 46" (116.8 cm), and a depth of 35.2" (89.4 cm). While this may sound heavy, the machine's design allows for easy installation and mobility if needed.

2. Bevmax Media 2 Machine

The Bevmax Media 2 machine is a healthy vending solution that offers a range of better-for-you cold drinks. This innovative machine weighs around 637 pounds (289 kilograms). It has a height of 72, a depth of 33.5", and a width of 40". It is designed to fit into a variety of spaces, including offices, gyms, and schools. Its relatively lighter vending machine weight makes it more versatile in terms of installation and transport.

3. Dixie Narco Machine

Dixie Narco is a well-known vending brand offering a wide assortment of snacks and candies. Their standard snack vending machine typically weighs around 622 pounds (282 kilograms). It has a height of 72 inches, a width of 42 inches, and a depth of 32 inches. This weight ensures stability while keeping the vending machine relatively portable, making it suitable for various locations, such as break rooms and shopping malls.

4. GPL 674

GPL 674 is a popular choice among vending machine operators for its reliability and versatility. This vending machine, which can handle a dollar bill validator, Coin Mechanism, and Debit Card Reader simultaneously, weighs approximately 650 pounds (294.8 kilograms). Has a height of 72 inches, a 38-inch width, and a 31-inch depth. Its solid construction and heavier weight offer durability and stability, making it a great option for high-traffic areas.

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What is the average vending machine weight per type?

a coca cola vending machine in fron of the warehouse

Now that we understand the basics of vending machines, let's explore the average weights for each category. Keep in mind that these are just general estimates, and actual weights may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer.

• Snack Vending Machines: On average, a snack vending machine weighs between 500 and 900 pounds (227 and 408 kilograms). The weight primarily depends on the size, capacity, and construction materials.

• Beverage Vending Machines: Beverage vending machines tend to be heavier due to the additional refrigeration systems. On average, they weigh between 700 and 1200 pounds (318 and 544 kilograms).

• Combo Vending Machine: Combo vending machines, which offer both snacks and beverages, usually fall within a weight range of 650 to 950 pounds (295 and 430 kilograms). Again, the weight can vary depending on the specific model and features.

It's important to note that these weight ranges are approximate and can vary significantly. Some vending machines may weigh less or more depending on factors such as customization, added features, and even the type and quantity of products they store.

How hard is it to move vending machines around?

Normally, you wouldn't consider shifting vending machines, but occasionally it's necessary. It wouldn't take much to destroy the machine, so you'll surely need a staff to perform the job. Vending machine movers are available, but if you're having difficulties finding one, you might try looking for an appliance mover or a general mover in your region. You can also look for riggers in your area since movers are occasionally referred to as riggers.

Adaptable Snacks A vending machine may be costly. Depending on how you move the vending machine, this may happen. For instance, if you decide to hire movers, budget between $150 and $200 for their services.

However, if you already have a pallet jack, a moving blanket, and a few helping hands, you may relocate the vending machine for less money. Frankly, pallet jack relieves most of the movement issues.

When you head to the vending machine for an afternoon snack, you often don't give it much attention when it comes to filling or maintaining it, but these powerful vending machines occasionally need to be moved. Hire a skilled crew to handle the job if you don't want to damage the machine, power cord, or, worse, hurt yourself.

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How to Move a Vending Machine in 4 Easy Steps

a forklift parked outside of the warehouse

Moving vending machines isn't the simplest thing in the world. To stop yourself from getting wounded or causing property damage, you need specialized tools and skills. You should follow these four measures while transferring a vending machine:

1. Prepare the pickup, protect the power cord and wrap the machine.

2. De-load the device.

3. Move the vending machine to its new place after removing it from the truck with a pallet jack.

4. Check the vending machine's functionality by testing and reseting it.

In summary, the weight of a vending machine can vary depending on factors such as its internal components, capacity, design, and accessibility features. While snack vending machines typically weigh between 500 and 900 pounds, soda vending machine can range from 700 to 1200 pounds and you'll definitely need a pallet jack to unload. Combo vending machines, offering both snacks and beverages, usually fall within a weight range of 900 to 1500 pounds.

Understanding the weight of vending machines is essential for logistical considerations during transportation and installation. It also plays a role in structural considerations and placement options. By having a better grasp of a vending machine's weight, you can make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing, moving, and installing these popular self-service appliances.

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