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Vending Machine Financing Options You Should Pay Attention To

Unlock financial opportunities for your vending machine business with grants, loans, and other financing options. Discover the best options to fit your needs.


Vending machines can be a great addition to any enterprise. But vending machine financing is where the main problem underlies, as the equipment is fairly expensive. It may compel you to break the bank and go into financial ruin if you buy one outright from your savings. 

So what are the available vending machine flexible financing options? If you’re in for this, we’ve got you fully covered. 

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to unlock financial opportunities for your vending business with grants, equipment financing loans, and other financing options. Discover the best options to fit your needs. 

Should I Consider Renting A Vending Machine?

What does it take to finance a machine? It’s expensive, and if your small business is new, it will make more sense to take vending machine loans. But what of a case whereby you find it hard to access grants for vending machine business

The solution is to lease one, and this comes with loads of advantages that include: 

  • A startup, in most cases, will not have enough to spend on vending machines. Hence, the lease option is perfect as it means you don’t need an immense capital outlay. Subsequently, once your lease period ceases, you can opt to take up the machine purchase option. 
  • This affordable  financing alternative is also imperative in significantly boosting your cash flow. This is primarily through expanding your business’s scope of operation to meet more customer needs, which translates to more sales. 
  • One machine is definitely insufficient for a small business with numerous outlets. Thus seeking affordable financing alternatives - and cheap vending machines - such as leasing ensures you can have as many as you want for all your shops. 

What Options Are There For Vending Machine Financing?

In addition to renting one or even getting a free vending machine, there are different options to venture into the vending industry. The rule of thumb is that when settling on an option to finance a machine, it should be flexible financing with low monthly payments, especially for start-ups. 

Let's now, in detail, explore the most viable machine financing means that you have at your disposal. 

Personal Funds

There is no need to think of flexible payment options when you opt for this option, as it simply means paying for your machines entirely from your pocket. But beware of going for expensive vending machines that may leave you cash-strapped after purchase. 

If you’re in employment, ensure you have saved enough before committing your savings to the purchase. You may also consider selling off personal property you no longer need to raise cash for the machine financing. 

Why do we advocate for this option? 

  • It saves you the hassle of credit applications and worrying about credit scores, meaning you can buy a machine even with a poor credit report
  • You don't need to worry about flexible plans as you finance everything from your savings. 
  • Entire process is simple with no other associated additional costs. 

Friends, Family, & Investors

Consider seeking grants for your vending business from friends and family members and those who believe in your cause. Of course, some will be comfortable issuing this as a vending machine loan with payment options. In such cases, you will have to draw some contracts with a payback plan for funding. 

But some friends and family members don’t mind giving you a grant, especially if you’re experiencing low cash flow. So don’t hesitate to reach out to those with a personal investment in your vending industry small business. Your success means they succeed too. 

The advantage of this method is that it is flexible equipment financing that, in most cases, with 0% interest. 

Vending Machine Grants

Are you worried that your cash flow is abysmal, you don't have a great personal credit score, and you have exhausted all your vending financing options? A grant can bail you out in such a scenario - especially from a low credit score - but you need to fill out the application papers. 

Although not a dependable equipment financing option, applying for one doesn't hurt, as you never know. It could also help you dwindle down the cost of placing your vending machines in locations that charge fee like malls and schools.

Vending Machine Leasing

Lease a machine if you cannot secure an online financing application to buy one. Remember, a machine purchase is expensive, so leasing gives you flexible payment plans without an initial deposit. 

Other reasons you should go for leasing over vending machine purchase include the following: 

  • Leasing allows you to get into a customized, flexible plan that’s considerate of your business’s returns. 
  • Also, you can secure tax-free leasing loans, especially when the vendor is not required to pay tax on the equipment. 
  • Extensive payback period panning between 24 to 72 months; for the entire period you lease the equipment. 

Starting on a loan

Secure online financing applications for your vending machines from the numerous lending apps. Nav rings as top-quality example. The advantage of these loans is that they are promptly available, with some lenders granting the credit facility a few minutes after receiving your application. ‍

Also, these loans have more payment options and flexible payment plans than those offered by brick-and-mortar lenders. Hence, pick finance partners willing to shoulder machine purchase or leasing costs online and make a secure online financing application. 

Financing with a third party (such as Klarna)

If you have a good credit history, third-party financers like Klarna got you covered on your machine purchases. Such a company alleviates the burden of paying for your machine outright by splitting the payments into affordable installments. 

Other third parties to consider include vending machine suppliers and bottling companies. The former option is akin to the credit automotive dealership offers that structure a flexible plan that allows you to pay or lease the machine as per your credit flow. 

Bottling companies also offer vending machine financing, but this comes with a caveat. Make sure to check out if the deal includes getting products at a higher price than the wholesale value as this may significantly dent your profits. 

Joining a franchise

Buying vending equipment is one thing, but bringing customers aboard is where the rubber meets the road. So rather than the hectic of spending heavily on advertising and branding your vending machines, it would make more sense to join a franchise. 

This option is especially viable for inexperienced people unwilling to put up the man hours necessary to attract customers.


But it could also be more expensive than leasing or buying equipment in the long run as profits are shared with the franchisor. It also limits you on the products you can sell as you’re limited to the franchisor’s business model and line of operation. 

Finance Support and Lenders To Consider

So what are some of the lenders who come in handy in vending machine financing? Check out the top financiers. 

Finance with

With, we’re talking about the best vending equipment in-house financier that guarantees secure online financing application featuring the following properties: 

  • It grants you a flexible payment plan customized in line with your cash flow. This is imperative in enabling you to meet other business needs during the repayment. 
  • The financier also provides specialized programs aiming to boost your sales. 
  • Thirdly, the credit approval process is prompt to enable you to acquire vending machines quickly. 
  • You’ll benefit from a flexible financing plan with repayments distributed over 48 months. 

Finance with Klarna

Klarna is the mother of great deals and flexibility and, thus, the perfect fit for financing your vending machine purchase. Among the perks of their financing include the option to pay for your machine in four equal installments. 

Also, the company offers a month's grace period after your vending machine is shipped to your location. It’s, therefore, a viable option for those on a monthly salary. Simply signup for automatic payments, attach your credit or debit card, and Klarna will debit the amount at the due date. 

Do they perform credit checks before financing a deal? Yeah, but they are not as punitive as other mainstream lenders so your credit score doesn't count as much as with them. 

Finance with Selecta

Selecta is another financing option to consider, simply because the company understands the hectic of buying a vending or coffee machine. So they are ready and willing to finance the purchase or leasing of your machine. 

What do you need? Contact them so that you can draft the best deal to go about the purchase. 

Finance with Crestmont Capital

An interest rate of 3.25% and an extensive payment tenure of between 24 and 72 months are what you’ll benefit from when you decide to buy or lease a vending machine via this financier. Moreover, you can always agree on a payment plan that suits your cash flow. 

So if you are comfortable paying quarterly, just inform the lender. The loan approval process takes a maximum of 24 hours, and what’s more, they are willing to fully fund your vending machine purchase, irrespective of whether it's new or used. 

Again, no down payment is required, making this the best deal for anyone looking to start a small businesses low on cash. 

Wrapping Up

Financing is a bottleneck to most people venturing into the vending industry. But we’ve got you covered on the various financing options. The good thing is that no means is the best. It all depends on your scenario and the specific needs you’re looking to meet. 

For short-term financing, involve your family and friends or simply consider joining a franchise. If you’re cash-strapped, apply for a grant or a loan from the above-listed financiers.

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