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The Answers To Your Questions

"Your competition had one of their clients call and tell me how rich they are after they used their service to establish their vending route!"

 This person you spoke to is called a "singer." Dishonest vending locators pay singers to tell you lies in hopes of getting your business. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. VendingLocator.com has honest references with legitimate businesses and regulatory agencies like the NBOB. We honor and respect our clients privacy. We will never disclose your personal information to anyone. This is only one of our companies ethical business practices and policies that has been put in place to protect you and your investment. This is also why we have return customers that would never consider another vending machine placement company.

"Do you have any locations that I can visit right now?"

 Any locator that claims to have locations waiting for your machine is lying. We send you a professional vending machine locator who will find and secure for you the best available locations in your area. Because our locators are from your area, they very well might have notes on some locations that need machines. We evaluate each location to determine what equipment will succeed in it. This is a key to your success. If you have any ideas of places that you would like to secure, let your locator know. We can secure some of these locations.

"Do you do telemarketing?"

 We have a full service telemarketing department with a nationwide database. If you would like a quote call me,

"Should I have in person locating or telemarketing?"

 Both ways can be effective. Telemarketing is a little cheaper, the total fee must be delivered with the contract, rather than a deposit with the field locating contract. Do not expect cheap locations to yield the same results as higher cost locations. VendingLocator.com locators are sales professionals. When you hire a vending locator from the area you want to establish your vending route, you have brought in the best. Nobody can argue that telemarketing can be more annoying than a week in Disney World with the in-laws. Or at least as annoying as a Joe Esterhaz film festival. I personally hang up on five sales calls each day. So now ask yourself "how many great locations hung up on me today?" By sending in vending locators from your area we can target specific locations that we can better predict success from. This being said, telemarketing can be the answer for smaller jobs, difficult areas, and unusual equipment.

"Do you offer packages that include equipment?"

 We do not sell equipment. We are vending location specialists. We do not recommend companies that sell vending machines. This is a policy of ours because we do not want to manipulate who you purchase from. We do have a links page that you can use to find some great companies that sell some fantastic vending machines. VendingLocator.com would like you to take your time and do your homework. The more you prepare on the front end, the better prepared you are for the challenges of small business ahead.

"What kind of vending machine or display should I invest in?"

 This is a very personal decision. We have to ask you a few questions. Is this going to be a part time, or full time venture? How much time do you have to devote to this small business opportunity? What is the size of investment you are considering, and what is it you hope to achieve? Please call us for some advice, it's free! Use our links page to find some fantastic businesses that can also advise you on your vending business. Vending machines are more than just an investment, they're fun!


"How much will I make with each machine?"

 This depends on a few factors, the most important is LOCATION! A vending location can be more valuable than the machine you put in it. Service your equipment in a timely manner, keep it stocked with a product your customers want. Keep the equipment clean and full. Don't expect every machine or display to generate the same return. Take a average using your whole vending route as baseline. Our warranty is in place to help you when a location does not perform for you. VendingLocator.com will be there for you.

"What is the best location for my vending machine or display?"

 This depends on your equipment, but I can tell you that this is the right place to start! Our vending locators will find the right vending machine locations for your unique equipment. Here are a few examples, call for more details. Bulk candy machines need to be near a register, or in a high traffic location. Large gumball machines and gas pump gumball machines need very high traffic, great visibility, restaurants, pizza parlors, bowling alleys, skating rinks, car washes, and many more possibilities. Snack and soda combo's are needed by small to medium size businesses. Full size soda machines and floor model snack machines need large high traffic locations. Candle display's work real well in hair salons, nail shops, small gift stores. So does jewelry displays and greeting card displays.

"Will your vending locators transport my machines for me?"

 Some of our locators have vans, and most of our locators will help with smaller vending machines. We are not insured or qualified to transport and set up the hundreds of different types of machines and displays we find locations for. What we do best is sales, vending machine placement. All of our locators will advise you in the best way to service your equipment. Whether we help or not, we want you to set up in the locations we find you fast. Time is money!

"What if I have a question you have not covered here?"

 Call me! 800-345-0144. Every VendingLocator.com employee is a certified customer service specialist waiting to help you and your vending business. We are more than just vending locations, we are a source of advice and our commitment is to the success of your vending route. Vending placement is important for your success owning a vending machine business. Don't be intimidated by securing vending locations. Call us so we can get you started having fun in your new small business opportunity!


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